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Having a premature baby can be a lonely and frightening experience. In our communities there may be very few people who understand the specific problems that parents of babies born very early face.

Sometimes our babies are transferred to hospitals far from home and this can make us feel even more alienated and lost.

Through Austprem, families who have experienced the complex challenges of parenting a premature infant reach out to other families facing this journey, and offer friendship, information and support.

Finding your way around...

Feel free to explore all areas of the Austprem website. Below are some brief details about what you will find where:

Forums and Chats
This is where you can "meet" and "talk" to many other parents with prems. With hundreds of members from all over Australia, you will be welcomed and can share your story with others who have been there. Parent-to-parent support can be extremely helpful, and most of our members find there are times when they need to receive support and times when they provide support to others. The Forums are where most of Austprem Inc.'s "action" happens, so please join us - everyone welcome.

Join Austprem
Everything you need to know about joining Austprem Inc.

The Prem Journey
This section covers information about many aspects of prematurity, from pregnancy and some of the causes of early arrivals and the hospital experience, to going home and seeing our prems grow and develop. You will find heaps of information and personal stories covering a range of experiences and outcomes

Austprem Ink Newsletter
Austprem Ink is our quarterly newsletter. Each issue contains a wealth of information on a selected topic. There is an index so that you can easily find the information you are after.

Products, Resources and Links
"Products for Prems" is a listing of products available in Australia that may be needed for prems; some of the categories include: clothing, nappies, feeding and sleep. You will also find Links to various other prematurity and parenting websites. Many links are also included in the relevant sections of "The Prem Journey".

How can I help?
There are a number of ways you can support Austprem, so that we can support others, please take a look and see if you can help us out in some way.

National Premature Birth Awareness Week
NPBAW is held in November each year. Please see for more information.

About Austprem
Tells you some background about Austprem Inc., the organisation.

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