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Recommended Books

Early Days | Emotions and Psychology | Premature Baby and Child Care |
Long-Term Medical Problems 

To order any of these titles, we suggest you check availability online at Booko which compares prices (in$AU, and including postage) from a number of online vendors.

Early Days

    Premature babies : a guide for parents
    by Dr W.H.Kitchen et al. 2nd ed. (1998)

    Neonatal intensive care: what every parent needs to know
    by Jeanette Zaichkin, 2nd ed. (2001)

    Baby Talk: for parents who are getting to know their special care babies
    by Dale Hatcher and Kathleen Lehman, Centering Corporation (1989)

    Baby massage : parent-child bonding through touch
    by Amelia D. Auckett (August 1989)

    Handling your prematurely born baby : a guide for parents : a physiotherapy approach
    by Kym Morris, CopyRight Publishing G.P.O. Box 2927 Brisbane, QLD, 4001 (1993)

    Premature baby diary : one day at a time
    by Pam Owbridge (September 2000)
    Order from Pam, 8 Valance Crt, Petrie, QLD 4502 or by phone (07) 3285 2356

    Growing Sophia: the story of a premature birth
    by Rochelle Barsuhn (April 1996)

    Loving and letting go: for parents who decide to turn away from aggressive medical intervention for their critically ill newborn
    by Deborah L. Davis (1993)

    Pre-Eclampsia: the Australian experience
    AAPEC (200?) 
    More information including how to order

    The silent cries of a HELLP Syndrome baby
    by John and Rebecca Knox
    More information including how to order


Emotions and psychology

    Parents of premature infants: their emotional world
    by Norma Tracey et al. Whurr Publishers (July 2000)

    Learning to love: the developing relationships between mother, father and baby during the first year
    by Lorraine Rose, ACER Press (October 2000)

    Empty cradle, broken heart: surviving the death of your baby
    by Deborah L. Davis (November 1999)

    The fate of early memories: developmental science and the retention of childhood experiences
    by Mark L. How (1999)


Premature Baby and Child Care

    Parenting your premature baby and child : the emotional journey
    by Deborah L. Davis and Mara Tessler Stein (Fulcrum, 2004)
    Read a review of this title

    Your premature baby and child : helpful answers and advice for parents
    by Amy Tracy and Dianne Maroney (September 1999)

    The premature baby book : a parent's guide to coping and caring in the first years
    by Helen Harrison and Ann Kositsky (July 1983)

    Touchpoints : your child's emotional and behavioral development
    by T.Berry Brazelton (March 1994)

    The preemie parents' companion : the essential guide to caring for your premature baby in the hospital, at home, and through the first years
    by Susan L. Madden (September 2000)

    Twins, triplets and more : their nature, development and care
    by Elizabeth Bryan (1992)

    In time and with love : caring for the special needs baby
    by Marilyn Segal, 2nd ed. (January 2001)

    Raising your spirited child: a guide for parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, energetic
    by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka (September 1992)

    The secret of happy children
    by Stephen Biddulph (April 1998)


Long-term medical problems

    Children with cerebral palsy : a parents' guide
    by Elaine Geralis (September 1998)

    Hydrocephalus : a guide for patients, families and friends
    by Chuck Toporek and Kellie Robinson (February 1999)

    The out-of-sync child : recognizing and coping with sensory integration dysfunction
    by Carol Kranowitz (March 1998)

    ADHD in the young child : driven to re-direction : a book for parents and teachers
    by Cathy L. Reimers and Bruce A. Brunger (1999)

    Behavioral intervention for young children with autism : a manual for parents and professionals
    by Catherine Maurice (ed.) (December 1996)

    Pediatric tracheostomy home care guide
    by Cynthia M. Bissell (April 2000)


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