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Parenting your premature baby and child :
the emotional journey

Deborah L. Davis and Mara Tessler Stein

Parenting Prems book cover

Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child: The Emotional Journey (Fulcrum, 2004).

Book Review

This is the most comprehensive book to be published on the subject of the emotional impacts of prematurity. The book is written especially for parents and family but NICU and follow up staff, as well as social workers, psychologists and family health workers will also find it both interesting and very helpful.

There are many quotes from parents throughout the book. These voices give depth and resonance to the situations and are answered in the compassion and practical advice given in every chapter. The authors are both psychologists, specialising in reproductive and perinatal loss. Debbie Davis has written a number of books in the past and these are all highly recommended.

At over 900 pages long, Parenting Your Premature Baby and Child is not the kind of book you can read straight through but it is definitely the kind of book you will come back to over and over again. The book has a very good table of contents and an index to help you find the information you are looking for.

When I think back to the hundreds of hours I spent sitting beside my own son's incubator, wondering what lay ahead for us all, I can only wish that I'd had this book to help pass the time and to help me feel less shocked and alone.

This wonderful book can be purchased online. We recommend using Booko which compares prices (in$AU, and including postage) from a number of online vendors.

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